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2014 Research Trip to Seattle WA

Spent the day in Seattle, WA on a on a setting research trip for my
Suffer the Night.

Suffer the Night chronicles the schizophrenic decline of eighteen year old
Sylvia Green. After fleeing cross-country with only an amulet and a picture of
her long dead mother, Sylvia finds herself brutally assaulted and left for dead
in a Seattle alley.

Driven by voices, hallucinations, and a darkness growing within, Sylvia's
fractured mind can't decipher if she is victim or monster until a final
confrontation with her attackers leaves her reeling with clarity and a decision
to make.  Will she continue to Suffer the Night or find release in
the darkness.

The Research trip started with a visit to King Street Station, the scene of
Sylvia's first encounter with the forces of darkness.  From there Sylvia makes
stops at Kobe Park, the Seattle Public Library and across town to visit the
troll who lives under the Suicide "Aurora" Bridge.  A fateful night in the alley
behind the Showbox leads Sylvia to a final confrontation in Lakeview
Cemetary at the tomb of Austin A. Bell.  An epic battle in the nearby water
tower might just decide the fate of the world.