I have been an avid reader for a quarter century (notice how that sounds
a lot longer than 25 years), and in the last two years I finally figured
out that true to my Gemini form, I will never be able to make up my mind
about any possible career or permanent interest. So what could be better
than writing about all of the interests I have accumulated in said
quarter century?

I began my new journey in 2010 with four children's picture books minus
the pictures, part of an anthology called a season of pagan lore.

Book 1: The Holly and Oak Kings
Book 2: Wren and Robin
Book 3: Ostara's Eggs
Book 4: Ewe's Milk

While these stories sit on a back burner simmering in the submission
process the anthology gradually expands when a grand idea for the next
season's story hits me.  This typically happens about once every 12
months, so the next one is due to hit about yesterday.   

On the front burner is a YA series, Keeper, that I have been plotting for
about a year.

Keeper follows the journey of sixteen year old Aeron who must bring
balance to a world torn apart by the Rift, a collective of underworld and
death deities.  Through her mastery of the power contained in an ancient
amulet Aeron begins her transformation into Panthea - the All Goddess,
and the ultimate confrontation with the Rift.   

And in the oven is Suffer the Night, a New Adult psychological
thriller/urban fantasy that is currently undertaking a massive rewrite.  

Suffer the Night chronicles the schizophrenic decline of eighteen year
old Sylvia Green. After fleeing cross-country with only an amulet and a
picture of her long dead mother, Sylvia finds herself brutally assaulted
and left for dead in a Seattle alley. Driven by voices, hallucinations,
and a darkness growing within, Sylvia's fractured mind can't decipher if
she is victim or monster until a final confrontation with her attackers
leaves her reeling with clarity and a decision to make. Will she continue
to Suffer the Night or find release in the darkness.   

Other than writing which occupies most of my synapses, my interests lie
in mythology especially Sumerian, with Babylonian, Egyptian and Celtic
coming in close behind.  And Astrology, can't forget astrology, I am a
Gemini after all, and, and, and...

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