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Phenomenal woman that’s me.

Official Author Photo smallGreetings all, welcome to my author blog.  You may be wondering, where is my published book? The quick answer to that is, I don’t have one yet.  What?  How can you be an author if you don’t have a published book, you ask.  Merriam Webster defines an author as:


 noun \ˈ-thər\

: a person who has written something; especially : a person who has written a book or who writes many books

: a person who starts or creates something (such as a plan or idea)

My very writing of this blog post defines me as an author.  But I especially want to be a sucessful author so I didn’t stop or rather start there.  I have written something else.  Many somethings else.   Thousands of pages of notes, character studies, and outlines, and manuscripts. But, no published books.


And that’s okay, because I have ideas and a plan.

The ideas are too numerous to list here, but lets just say they all converge on a single theme -

I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

                                                                                                         (Maya Angelou – Phenomenal Woman 1978)

Simple as that.   I have everything I need to get where I’m going.  I’ll see you there briefly, but don’t think for an instant I’ll stop.

That’s the plan.