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The Story Fix

book jack When jacks won’t get the job done, try the story fix.

Once upon a time, I wrote a story.

It started off as a great sort of idea, (schizophrenic vampires) but then it kind of tanked at the end.    I thought I could fix it by rewriting it with a better sort of idea, (Sumerian Goddesses).

It’s probably not hard to imagine that I ended up with two completely different stories on my hands and sadly they both needed help.

Help arrived.  And it wasn’t in the form of better idea number 3 and another rewrite.  No, it was in the form of a major intervention, a chance meeting with Larry Brooks, Author  of Story Engineering and story fixer extraordinaire.   The chance meeting and the book introduced a set of instructions on how to fix  my story.


 verb \ˈfiks\

: to make (something) whole or able to work properly again : to repair (something)

: to deal with or correct (a problem)

: to attach (something) in such a way that it will not move : to connect or join (things) physically

You see, my story had a lot of problems, it wasn’t working properly, it needed some rather major repairs.  It didn’t  take me that long to spot all of my stories problems once I knew what I was looking for.   And it took even less time to start correcting those problems.

The best part about fixing my story was joining my two drafts back together and making them whole again.  I now have a schizophrenic Sumerian Vampire Goddess that has to fight the Elder Sumerian Gods for the fate of every human that has ever lived.  And that folks isn’t just a good idea, that’s a killer concept.   That’s a major story fix.


Phenomenal woman that’s me.

Official Author Photo smallGreetings all, welcome to my author blog.  You may be wondering, where is my published book? The quick answer to that is, I don’t have one yet.  What?  How can you be an author if you don’t have a published book, you ask.  Merriam Webster defines an author as:


 noun \ˈ-thər\

: a person who has written something; especially : a person who has written a book or who writes many books

: a person who starts or creates something (such as a plan or idea)

My very writing of this blog post defines me as an author.  But I especially want to be a sucessful author so I didn’t stop or rather start there.  I have written something else.  Many somethings else.   Thousands of pages of notes, character studies, and outlines, and manuscripts. But, no published books.


And that’s okay, because I have ideas and a plan.

The ideas are too numerous to list here, but lets just say they all converge on a single theme -

I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

                                                                                                         (Maya Angelou – Phenomenal Woman 1978)

Simple as that.   I have everything I need to get where I’m going.  I’ll see you there briefly, but don’t think for an instant I’ll stop.

That’s the plan.